Just Press Play is where nostalgia meets next-gen. Find your latest gaming fixation or your childhood dreams materialized, all together in one magical place.

  • Many years ago, the world was veiled in darkness and the video game market was dominated by greedy corporate entities.

    Two heroes of light with a flea market stand in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, dreamed of something better: a video game store that was part of the community.

    In the year 20XX, Zac and Mike started Just Press Play, an indie shop for retro and modern video games, run by real collectors who care about their customers.

  • Word traveled fast and one store grew into four (three in Lancaster and one in York) as Just Press Play became the players' choice for not only video games and consoles, but movies, trading cards, vinyl records, toys and collectibles. 

    Their dedication attracted a team of equally passionate gamers and collectors who built a reputation for their knowledge and helpfulness. They never sold magazine subscriptions or extended warranties, they never farmed for gold; they didn't need to.

  • JPP Christmas Party 2023
  • By 2024, Just Press Play had gained enough experience points to level up! They launched an eCommerce website that allowed them to reach a wider audience and set Mega plans into motion. To be continued…

  • Our Mission ⚔️

  • To be a destination where gamers and collectors can find what they need, discover new things they’ll love, and feel like they belong.

  • Our Service 😃

  • Next Level Service—We value our customers above all and promise to answer your questions, cater to your needs, and never get pushy to sell you something you don’t need. 

  • Our Values 🎮

  • We Buy Sell and Trade—better than our competitors. We pay more, we sell for less, we make trades worthwhile, and we guarantee our products. 

    Curated Collections—We carry items you won’t find at the big box stores or video game chains. Our inventory is massive and selective, so you’ll find the best games, the best records, the best collectibles, all in one place.

    Community Oriented—We sponsor local eSports teams, support school fundraisers, and invest in our community.

  • Zac Gieg (9.8 A++), Owner

    Zac Gieg was found encapsulated in acrylic and certified as Near Mint, before he was rescued by a private collector. Since then he has amassed one of the finest collections of video games in the world and established himself as one of the foremost retro gaming experts. He is part-owner of the only known sticker sealed Super Mario Bros.

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  • Mike MacEntee (Not For Resale), General Manager

    Mike left his tribe of fruit ninjas to learn the more ancient art of Ultimate Frisbee. When he isn’t selling ice to Ice Climbers, Mike can be found running the day-to-day operations of our stores or putting out fires with a paperclip and some spit. Thanks to his kids, Mike collects games the way Link collects pots.

  • Brent Urmey (Download Required), Content Manager

    Once a digital exclusive, Brent was delisted when a license expired. Preservationists were able to emulate him, but the ROMs got corrupted and even bootleg copies are hard to find. Now he exists as a cautionary tale about the value of physical media. Brent manages the social media & video production and writes 100% factual website bios.

  • Jacob Ryer (1:6 Scale), Chief Merchandiser

    Jacob is fully poseable with 17 points of articulation and 6 sounds and phrases from the movie Moneyball. Whenever the store is empty, Jacob comes to life and rearranges everything.

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