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Bloom In To You OST Green Vinyl

Bloom In To You OST Green Vinyl

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Yû enters high school hoping to finally discover love. But nothing happens, even when a boy makes a declaration…

She then meets Tôko, the perfect girl of the high school, in charge of the Students’ Office and who seems to be like her because she rejects all her suitors.

Michiru OSHIMA is a prolific composer, arranger, conductor and lyricist, she started her career in background music for NHK (Japanese television) and movies. Her career is punctuated with participations and arrangements for major video games such as Ico (Playstation) or The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Nintendo). But it is in animation that she writes her most emblematic compositions. She is at the origin of the music of the famous series Full Metal Alchemist, of 2 parts of Star Wars: Visions (The Elder, The Twins) among others.

With “Bloom into you”, she signs a dreamlike ode that beautifully accompanies the two students in their quest for themselves.

Key Features:

  • Limited Edition
  • Green Vinyl
  • Mastered by Jean Nicolas Casalis at RTM Music
  • Packaging by Kana Music


Side A:

  1. Komorebi no Kage de
  2. Kaiyuusuru Omoi
  3. Kimi wa Sono Mama de iinda yo
  4. Asahi
  5. Futatsu no Toiki
  6. Honrou Saresou
  7. Houyou
  8. Tokubetsu ga Wakaranai
  9. Watashi wo Suki ni Naranai de

Side B:

  1. Nanami Touko no Tomadoi
  2. Kitai to Fuan
  3. Shimaikonda Kioku
  4. Yuragu Yoru
  5. Setsunaru Negai
  6. Kodoku wo Daite
  7. Omoi ga Tsunoru
  8. Kimi ni Aitakute
  9. Eye-Catch 1
  10. Eye-Catch 2
  11. Eye-Catch 3
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