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Bomberman I & II OST - Engraved Zoetrope Etching

Bomberman I & II OST - Engraved Zoetrope Etching

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Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the original NES soundtrack release of Bomberman and Bomberman II, on vinyl for the first time! The much-beloved Bomberman first hit the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985 and quickly became a firm favourite of gamers around the world, with Bomberman II following in 1991 to much acclaim. The chiptune scores for both are not only nostalgia-laden timeless masterpieces guaranteed to invoke the gaming days of your childhood, but also sensational pieces of composition in their own right! Containing the original NES soundtracks to both Bomberman and Bomberman II, this limited edition vinyl features new artwork by Maddie Copp and a fantastic zoetrope etching on the A-Side that recreates the sprites of the game when spun!

Key Features:

  • Original NES Soundtracks for Bomberman I and Bomberman II
  • First ever release in any format
  • Includes an animated Zoetrope engraving on Side A
  • New artwork by Maddie Copp
  • Audio taken captured in ultra high fidelity on original hardware and mastered for vinyl by Dietrich Schoenemann


1. Title
2. Start
3. Main BGM
4. Power Up
5. Clear
6. Bonus Stage
7. Invincible
8. Miss
9. Game Over
10. Ending
11. 1Bomb SFX
12. Title
13. Select
14. Area Intro
15. Start
16. Area 1, 3 & 5
17. Power Up
18. Clear
19. Bonus Stage & Battle
20. Area 2 & 4
21. Result
22. Winner
23. Draw
24. Miss
25. Game Over
26. Ending
27. Staff Roll
28. Bomb SFX

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