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Breath of Fire II OST 2 LP Clear Vinyl

Breath of Fire II OST 2 LP Clear Vinyl

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Breath of Fire II Original Video Game Soundtrack: First Ever Vinyl Release

Experience the epic journey of "Breath of Fire II" through its original soundtrack, available for the first time on vinyl. This limited edition pressing on clear vinyl is a must-have for both video game soundtrack collectors and fans of the iconic RPG series.

A Legendary Soundtrack

Composed by Yuko Takehara, the soundtrack of "Breath of Fire II" is as legendary as the game itself. Originally released for the SNES in the mid-90s and later ported to the Game Boy Advance and Wii Virtual Console, the game captivated players with its rich storyline and unforgettable music. Now, you can relive those memories with this exclusive vinyl edition.

Exclusive Features

This vinyl release includes new artwork by Tbone & AlJax and features liner notes by Naida Oxford, host of the Axe of the Blood God podcast. It's a comprehensive package that pays homage to a classic game and its beloved music.


1. The Destined Child
2. A Voice Calling from the Darkness
3. A Prayer to Heaven
4. Home Sweet Home
5. Memories
6. There's Something Here
7. Critical Moment
8. Nobody Knows
9. We're Rangers!
10. Hide-and-Seek
11. Wanderer
12. Cross Counter
13. To the Victor Go to the Spoils
14. Grab the Tail
15. Coliseum
16. Creeping Shadow
17. Clean Hit
18. Pincer Attack
19. Fly Pudding
20. Let's Do It
21. Fishing to the Max
22. The Whale (la-la-la)
23. Troubled Sleep
24. Kingdom
25. Left Unspoken
26. Clumsy Dance
27. Century of the Patriarch
28. Cold and Dark
29. Let me Sleep so I may Dream
30. Dying Corpse
31. Give me a Chance
32. You Can't Die Here
33. Sandy Slumber
34. Our Journey
35. White Wings
36. God of Decadence
37. No Way Out
38. The World is Trembling
39. Crooked Leader
40. Approach
41. Nightmare
42. A Hero's Determination
43. Lethal Dose
44. Day Break
45. The Dragon Sleeps at Last
46. The Final Impact
47. Breath of Fire
48. Thank You Everyone

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