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Disney Classic Chip 'n' Dale 2 Pack (MEA-019)

Disney Classic Chip 'n' Dale 2 Pack (MEA-019)

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Some of the most celebrated stars of Disney’s animated classics are ready to take over a desk near you!

Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ is ready to unleash a set of classic 3-inch mini Egg Attack figurines perfect for any Disney fan of the animated masterpieces of the past. Launched a double-entry collection of Disney's classic and popular animation series; Getting the ball rolling are the two adorable mischief makers: Chip and Dale, a pair of chipmunks in search of adventure around every corner.

For fans of the wonderfully iconic character, these are two figurines that are ready to keep you entertained through those warm summer days!

Special Features:

  • Original, Mini Egg Attack, stylized design
  • Perfectly ready for a cute display
  • Limited double-entry collection packed
  • The classic restoration of the modeling in the play
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