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Earth Atlantis Elite Edition Nintendo Switch

Earth Atlantis Elite Edition Nintendo Switch

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Dive into the depths of a captivating post-apocalyptic world with Earth Atlantis for Nintendo Switch and embark on an epic underwater hunt for colossal sea creatures in this visually stunning and action-packed adventure. This immersive and visually striking gaming experience will take you on a thrilling underwater odyssey. 

The Elite Edition of Earth Atlantis features enhanced content, including additional playable ships, new enemy types, and exciting boss encounters, offering even more excitement and challenges for players. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing hand-drawn art style that evokes a captivating steampunk atmosphere.


  • METALLIC STYLE COVER - printed on premium metal foil paper 
  • LIMITED PRODUCTION - only 4000pcs produced! 
  • SERIALIZED COVER - each copy has its own unique serial number on the back. 
  • 24 PAGE "EARTH ATLANTIS CHRONICLE" INSERT - a deeper look into the world of Earth Atlantis, the journey of its ship the "Nautilus" and the monster it encounters.
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