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Silent Hill 3 Heather Mason Replica Statue

Silent Hill 3 Heather Mason Replica Statue

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  • 10 inches (24.9cm)
  • Made of PVC and ABS
  • From the Silent Hill 3 video game
  • Highly detailed
  • Hand-painted
  • Features detailed carousel-themed base and Robbie the Rabbit prop


Heather Mason steps forth from her tortuous ordeal in the renowned horror game Silent Hill 3 as a spectacular official statue! Standing 10 inches tall, this remarkable recreation features her orange turtleneck and white vest ensemble with a flashlight in her front pocket and a gun in hand.

This sculpture is also extremely detailed, including a carousel-themed base and a Robbie the Rabbit prop fans will adore. For avid fans of the Silent Hill franchise, this collectible will make an exquisite centerpiece for their collection.

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