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Night Trap PlayStation Vita

Night Trap PlayStation Vita

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Take control of a bizarre house of horrors in which a family of vampires and their ghoulish slaves stalk unsuspecting young guests. Your mission? Help Dana Plato rescue these five teenagers by trapping their predators as the roam throughout the property in search of fresh blood. Your lightning-quick decisions are all that stand between the intended victims and an unspeakable fate at the hands of inhuman bloodsuckers.

Judge for yourself: Night Trap has been condemned in the halls of Congress in terms formerly reserved for Communists in the McCarthy era. It has been pilloried by self-appointed arbiters of public decency in media. This most controversial video game of all time, a spoof of teens-in-trouble "B" movies, is a true interactive gaming classic. 


  • Dana Plato stars as your ally, undercover agent Kelli Medd
  • Follow simultaneous action in 8 different rooms
  • Control a series of traps to capture anyone, or anything, that threatens innocent lives.
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