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Power Rangers Ultimates! Yellow Ranger Wave 1

Power Rangers Ultimates! Yellow Ranger Wave 1

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  • POWER RANGERS SUPER7 ACTION FIGURE: The Yellow Ranger from the classic TV series "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" joins the Super7 ULTIMATES! action toy figures lineup
  • ADVENTURE-READY ACCESSORIES: This action figure comes with interchangeable heads and hands as well as Power Daggers, Blade Blasters, Power Crystal, Deandra flowers, Mr. Ticklesneezer, and open Power Morpher, allowing you to reenact iconic scenes from the classic 1990s TV show
  • 7-INCH ACTION FIGURE: Yellow Ranger figure is 7" tall with the rest of the Power Ranger ULTIMATES! action figures lineup


The Yellow Ranger is an essential member of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. She never shies away from her fears, especially when a fellow Ranger is in trouble, or when Mr. Ticklesneezer magically comes alive! Trini Kwan was first to be chosen for the mantle of the Yellow Ranger, later transferring her powers to Aisha Campbell before leaving for the World Peace Summit.

This 7” scale highly articulated deluxe Yellow Ranger ULTIMATES! figure comes with interchangeable heads to honor both Trini and Aisha, along with multiple sets of hands, and a variety of accessories, including Power Daggers, Blade Blasters, Mr. Ticklesneezer, and so much more. Represent the Sabre-toothed Tiger by adding the Yellow Ranger Super7 ULTIMATES! figure to your MMPR collection! Super7 makes retro collectibles, vintage toys, and nostalgia gifts for pop culture fanatics and collectors. We grew up with giant monsters, comic books, punk, science fiction, skateboarding, robots, and rebellion.

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